OPEN AUDITIONS for Lead Roles Only

August 1st

1-4pm & 6-9pm   ---   No Appointments

Auditions are at:

Toby's Dinner Theatre, 5900 Symphony Woods Road, Columbia MD 21045.


Show Runs Jan 12, 2017 through Mar 19, 2017

Rehearsals begin mid October '16, on Mon/Tues eves & Sat's Daytime.


Directed by Toby Orenstein & Mark Minnick


Please bring head shot and resume to auditions and any known conflicts for rehearsal & performance time frame. Prepare 16 bars of music in the style of show (legit voice) and bring sheet music in key needed. Must be 18 or older to audition. Transportation and housing are not offered. EOE.




Queenie: Female, 30+, African American, big presence, warm with great humanity, big powerful mezzo voice.


Joe: Male, 30+ African American, husband to Queenie, sings “Old Man River,” Earthy with quiet strength. 

               Strong Bass Baritone singing voice.


Parthy: Female, 40s, Caucasian matriarch of the “Cotton Blossom.” A working class woman, New Englander

               and classy.  She is a force to be reckoned with. Non-singing role.


Magnolia: Female, Caucasian, late 20s (her character ages from 18 to 48 within the show),beautiful, falls for

                Ravenal, lyric soprano.


Julie Lavern: Female (Late 20s – 30) exotic, mixed race passing as white, worldly and glamorous, the leading

                lady of the “Cotton Blossom.” Legit Mezzo Soprano.


Ellie May Chipley: Female, 25+ Caucasian,  Soubrette, wants to be serious actress. Strong dancer, part of

               the vaudeville team, mezzo.


Frank Schultz: Male, 25+ Caucasian, comedic actor, strong dancer/singer, Partners with Ellie, He is part of

               the vaudeville team. Baritone.


Gaylord Ravenal: Male, 25+,a handsome, irresponsible gambler in love with Magnolia, becomes the leading

                man on the “Cotton Blossom”, tenor


Captain Andy: Male, Caucasian, 50+. He is captain of the “Cotton Blossom.” True old time showman.

                Warm, fatherly character. Character Baritone, but not a legit singing voice needed.


Steve: Male late 20s+, Initial leading male actor on “Cotton Blossom” who leaves to be with his wife after

                her secret is revealed. Baritone/Tenor.


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