A Christmas Carol  -  Tiny Tim

Toby's Dinner Theatre is accepting submissions for the role of Tiny Tim for their production of A Christmas Carol, opening November 17 and running through January 8, 2017


Rehearsals are Mon. & Tues. evenings and Sat. daytime. Rehearsals start Monday Sept 19.


The role will be double cast & all applicants should submit headshot and resume to


Please make sure height and weight are on the resume. We are looking for local kids since housing is not provided.  EOE.



Beauty & the Beast  -  Joseph  - Show Boat (Ensemble)
Sat. Sept 10 from 11am-2pm (must be signed in by 1pm) and Monday Sept 12 from 4-9pm (must be signed in by 8pm). The auditions will be at Toby's Dinner Theatre, no appointments are needed for these auditions and all roles are open. Must be 18 years old or over. 

Please be prepared with 2 musical selections (16 bars) in the style of the show and come prepared to dance.

Show Boat will open 1/12/17 and run until 3/19/16. Rehearsals will begin Mid October.

Beauty & the Beast will open 3/23/17 and run until 6/11/17. Rehearsals will begin 1/23/17

Joseph will open 6/15/17 and run until 8/27/17. Rehearsals will begin 4/3/17.

All rehearsals are on Monday & Tuesday eves and Saturday's daytime. Please bring any known conflicts to the auditions with you and attach them to the audition sheet you will fill out upon arrival.

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